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Ahmad Riawan Amin, the ‘Best CEO Bisnis Indonesia 2008’ Has a Master of Science degree from University of Texas, USA and received Doctor Honoris Causa in ‘Islamic Banking’ from State Islami c University Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta. He was CEO of Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI) 1999-2009, who had succesfully led Muamalat’s recovery over the 1999–2002 monetery crisisand went on to lead BMI to win many International Awards. Later he became the CEOof BJB Syariah and the same with previous Bank (BMI) he turn the bank around, from minus to profit. He also initiated the first Indonesian banking operation in Malaysia and later became independent board and board risk comite member of CIMB Islami c Malaysia. He is now the Honorary Chairman of Indonesian Islami c Banking Association (ASBISINDO), and supervisory board of Sharia Economic Society.

A.Riawan Amin has spoken extensively on seminars locally and internationally on topic of Islamic Banking & Finance, Islami c Spiritual Management, Personal & Organizational Productivity. He experienced in International Organization as Director for General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI) and Director for International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM).

Mr. Amin lectures at ITB Ahmad Dahlan. He has authored 6 books: “The Celestial Management, Satanic Finance,Indonesia Militan, You Are Not The Boss, The CEO Time Matrix and No Urgency CEO”.

He is also the founder of Celestial Management Foundation and trains Islamic Management and Ethics to thousand participants (mostly bankers) in Indonesia and Malaysia. A. Riawan Amin also invent The Al Amin Method The fastest & easiest method for executive to read and understand Qur’an. 

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